Seller’s Largesse Continues With Li Ka Shing

He is selling again while the stove is still hot.

Now taking his public utilities business public.

Make no mistake, he has been consistently moving out since last year as the minions lap it up. Like the recent Fortune Reits acquisition of another mall of his.

Isn’t it a seller’s paradise ? As buyers beat themselves up for missing out over the past years ? Buying with a vengeance to make up for lost time.

CFO’s on the other hand, think that stocks are overvalued and will correct. These are US ones and about 40% of the 530 surveyed thought so, although it is unclear what the rest thought.

I am still pretty fixated with the comment I read on an interview with Blackstone’s head of private equity on the disproportionate largesse that favours the sellers than buyers right now. It has struck a chord and is evident in Li Ka Shing’s strategy this year.

Psychologically, the market mentality is trapped between a spiral of negativity and hopes of growth in the developed world. Confidence in the system is dissipating and markets are powered by blind animalistic greed that only patient geniuses like Li Ka Shing are spared from.


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