Small Caps Heaven In Singapore

For the past few months now, we have the small caps leading the way in the STI, oblivious and impervious to the EM meltdown.

It has become the usual headline that about small and mid cap stocks dominating the STI like the Reuters piece today.

“Small and mid-cap companies such as Albedo Ltd and YHM Group Ltd dominated the list of most actively traded stocks in Singapore on Tuesday, with the broader index little changed.”

The Business Times even reported in 23 August that it would appear that penny stocks are now the safe haven even as the blue chips suffered.

Just take a look at the list of year to date top performers.

I highlighted Blumont last week because of its amazing balance sheet.

“Interesting company. SGD 4.08 billion is its market cap (Olam is only SGD 3.477 bio).

Yet the company has only SGD 120 million in assets. Olam has about 15 billion in assets !!”

If we examine the statistics, its mainly the mid caps that have moved in the past 3 months.


NAME  Market Cap  3M % CHANGE
ALBEDO LTD       106,395,224.00 475
OSSIA INTL LTD       143,998,816.00 438
MIRACH ENERGY LT       437,884,128.00 250
CHINA ENVIRONMENT       345,215,104.00 217
ASIA-PACIFIC STR         57,693,720.00 211
TRITECH GRP LTD       264,584,416.00 211
ASIASONS CAPITAL     2,615,971,072.00 195
BLUMONT GRP LTD     5,682,615,296.00 173
EMS ENERGY LTD         72,554,768.00 164
OCEAN SKY INTL       197,754,064.00 150

I decided to do my own sleuth work and pin point a random list of about a dozen stocks that could move in the near term based on their volumes traded in the past fortnight.

Here goes.

MARCO POLO MARIN       132,892,504.00 4 Shipbuilding
ADV SYSTEMS AUTO         28,619,404.00 21 Semiconductor Equipment
RENEWABLE ENERGY         38,024,092.00 0 Energy-Alternate Sources
XPRESS HOLDINGS         71,689,296.00 3 Printing-Commercial
ANNICA HOLDINGS         38,056,100.00 53 Oil Field Mach&Equip
KS ENERGY       243,771,696.00 20 Oil Field Mach&Equip
SITRA HLDG INT’L         13,772,000.00 5 Bldg Prod-Wood
CCFH LTD         32,384,376.00 20 Retail-Apparel/Shoe
MAGNUS ENERGY GR       100,385,224.00 33 Oil Field Mach&Equip
CHINA FISHERY       900,395,968.00 21 Fisheries
FALCON ENERGY GR       352,797,792.00 38 Oil-Field Services

Notice it is the ship building/oil and gas sector again ? Since Ocean Sky was suspended and market rumours that Ezion was about to take a stake in them. It is thematic.

These are the small chips too.

Do take a look and let me know what you think ? Good luck folks.