Singapore – Hit F1 For HELP


“As the government shuts the center of the city this weekend for the annual Formula One street race, residents are bracing for even more delays.”

Tell me something I do not know. Even lorry drivers are driving faster this weekend, I notice.

The Formula 1 night race is a proud feather in the cap for little Singapore in a clear message to the world that we have arrived.

Because it is not KL, Shanghai that we are competing against but the likes of high class Monaco.

“New York, London and Monaco are the traditional destinations for the ultra rich. But now, add Singapore to that list.

The city-state is gearing up for its most glitzy event of the year – the Formula One night race – where thousands of people will be flying in for both business and pleasure.

Singapore has among the highest number of millionaires in the world, and as people choose to park their wealth here, a host of businesses have sprung up to service their needs.” Watch the video at

“Singapore’s roads are trying to cope with a population that has jumped by more than 1.1 million since mid-2004 to 5.3 million. Taxi waiting times of an hour or more are tarnishing the city-state’s reputation for efficiency as the government works to turn the island into a regional center for industries such as biotechnology and wealth management.”

I love this article for all its political correctness written at such a constructive slant without pointing the finger of blame and yet zoning right in at the heart of the problem. There is no Andy Xie to be exiled for stirring shit here.

And I bet it will spawn a whole new look at the transportation system and perhaps realise it is not just the car population that need fixing (although looking at the statistics below, the number of private cars appears to be the main culprit). Mindsets have to be changed.
* Rebates for non car ownership ?
* Rebates for living proximity to workplace ?
* Rebates for car usage ? – Someone can have 4 cars but does not contribute to congestion if one only drives 1 car at a time.
* And my all time favourite (why I bought Google last year) – SELF DRIVING TAXIS/CARS ? (So taxi drivers cannot hide ?)

DO YOU KNOW THAT TAXI DRIVERS ARE THE ONLY PROFESSION IN SINGAPORE WHERE DRIVERS HAVE TO BE SINGAPOREAN ? PR’s are not included. (Thanks to the old friend who constantly harped that into me)

In any case, let us examine the figures starting with the table below on the motor vehicle population taken from the LTA.

Let us throw in the math and work out the increase in the populations of cars and taxis against residents.


We have less taxis now per population compared to 2006-2007, perhaps made up by more MRT services and stations ?
What is missing is the length of road available per car although some months back I managed to work out our population density and that “The personal space of 1 person is about 12.5 sq ft or 1.2 sq m. 1 metre of space is enough elbow space all round. ”

On a side note, my greedy eyes tell me that 2016-2018 would be the best time to buy a new car, given the explosion in car population between 2006-2008.  Lots of COEs for grabs ?

As for me, the Singapore skyline is going fast. By that I mean the ability to even see the sky. Driving down Kim Seng road, I am acutely aware that I have to virtually tilt my head up 90 degrees before I can see the sky, for all the spanking new condominiums in various stages of construction tightly packing the sides of the road. I guess it would be conducive to grow algae, moss and ferns for a rainforest effect down below. No wonder AsianMacro (who is missing in action) choose to live in Sentosa.

But I am going to be holed up at home this weekend. F1 has painful memories for me after my grand faux pas of falling asleep at the pit grandstand during the finals of 2010. How can one fault me for the lulling beauty of the traffic flow in the circuit ?