For a Quick Buck On Friday The 13th : Vix Be Vexed

We saw a drop in Gold over the past 2 days but it cannot be touched because it is the only product so far the authorities will never allege to manipulation by anyone.

So we switch our focus onto the VIX.

Next week we will have the D day when the FOMC meets on the 17-18th Sept. The markets are likely to go crazy into those days, fretting over the taper even if they have shown no signs as yet with the Sept 11 patriotic rally performance this week.

A good short term trade.

UVXY US, Proshares Ultra ( 2 times lev)  VIX short term, has crashed with Obama on Syria and the Sept 11 rally. It started the week off at 38.7 after falling steadily since 30 Aug where it closed the month at 46.95.

Market tension is likely to heighten into the weekend and next week for a small gain.

Target price : 38-39 which last corresponded to the S&P at 1650.