The STI 52 Week Lows Wrap Up For August.. And Their Bonds

Following the previous post that I did not manage to complete, I decide to embark on the larger scale project of compiling the list of stocks that breached their 52 week lows in the month of August and their bond prices.

The results are not unexpected. The convertible bonds took the biggest hits, the SGD bonds were relatively  more shielded from price moves than the USD issues. And the blue chip companies did not suffer much loss.

List of 52 Week Lows (highlighted in Blue are stocks that also hit their 52 week highs in August)

And the bond prices (all unverified) and I apologise for the haphazard arrangement.

I did also take a glance at the stocks at their 52 week highs this month, just for reference. And indeed, it has been a penny stock rally. Other than Ezion, Guthrie and Freight Links, none of them have any outstanding bonds.

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