Ad Hoc Commentary – Yellen 2014 Clinton 2016

Earlier today, this was making the rounds on the grapevine:

“…A source from Team Obama told CNBC that Larry Summers will likely be named chairman of the Federal Reserve in a few weeks though he is “still being vetted” so it might take a little longer…”

Yours truly believe otherwise. If politics in America is similar to politics in certain parts of Asia, then the next Fed chair will NOT be decided by Obamanites but will be decided behind closed doors by Clintonites.

Clinton will likely run for 2016 elections. There will be a new memoir on how to navigate the 21st century in 2014:

However, running for 2016 does not make one the winner. However, yours truly believes it will be a walkover election. The sacrifices of treasured conservative blue party values to make things work in Washington, will likely lead to the split of the party into old and young into 2016. The young would be more aptly called the green tea party. It does not take much imagination to see that a battle between united red against splintered blue/green will be very much in favor of the former.

Of course the American financial industry would prefer Summers to be the next Fed chair. However, Fed chair are not decisions of bank CEOs. They are presidential decisions. The Most Powerful Woman in 2016 would likely prefer another woman to set the path for her for 2016 as opposed to someone who many claim is a ‘misogynist’.

Good luck in the markets.