Which SGD Bonds Have Widened And Which Haven’t (Amended)

Decided to do some stats for the 2013 SGD corp issues.

Out of the 87 or so issues this year, about 45 are under 100, another 24 trading above 100 and the rest, I am unable to verify the price of.

Considering that our interest rates are at 1 year highs, I say that is a mighty good result and I have prepared a table showing rough numbers of the bonds and their performance so we may console ourselves, that even if the bond is under 100, it could be a lot worse if it was issued today at the same spread when we bought it (assume at primary).

Negative numbers indicate prices should be higher than current while positive numbers say the opposite.

Best Performers are Courts, PCRT and First Reit.

And no surprises on the bonds which have widened the most (actually I am surprised). Guocoland Perpetual by some 1.75%. The Indian names are amazingly well contained (look at ICICI 3.65% 2020 trading at its original issue spread which was tight then) and lucky to have issued in Singapore because their USD bonds have been decimated in the past month.

We should all pat ourselves on the back and find some comfort that the credit contagion has not spread onto the shores here.