Phenomenal Silver

The speculators are back. 15% returns in a week ! 6 consecutive Up days.

Silver has left Copper, Aluminium, Gold and gang behind.

Check out the price vs the positioning chart dated 13 Aug.

Gold/Silver heading back to April (pre crash) levels.

There are too many eyes on gold and too many fingers in the pie.

The sharp ascent in Silver has broken outside the range and I think, before we know it, Gold will be catching up.

Gold Seen Rallying by End of Year as Physical Demand Gains

Aug. 19 (Bloomberg) — Gold may extend a rally through to
the end of December, paring the first full-year loss since 2000,
as rising physical demand across Asia helps to counter a selloff
in exchange-traded products led by billionaire John Paulson.
Prices may reach $1,450 an ounce by the end of the year,
according to a median of estimates in a survey of 11 traders,
jewelers and analysts who attended the India Gold Convention in
Jaipur on Aug. 16-17. The metal, which was at $1,382.89 today,
fell 17 percent this year.

Intrinsic Value

“And if debasement to date has not dented debt ratios even slightly, the debasement of tomorrow will. Today, we see the intrinsic value of gold. And although we can’t know when, we think other will soon be forced to too.”