Moody’s announces reviews for downgrade of three banks’ subdebt ratings in Singapore

Moody’s highlights that the reviews of the banks’ subdebt ratings are not in any way related to any deterioration in the affected banks’ fundamental credit quality”

“The review takes place in the context of a methodology update that has changed the way Moody’s looks at the probability of support, which has led to several subdebt ratings in multiple banking systems being reviewed simultaneously.”

The 3 ? – OCBC, DBS, UOB

Do not be worried. They are all going down together.

*Moody’s announces reviews for downgrade of five banks’ subdebt ratings in Hong Kong
*Moody’s announces reviews for downgrade of eight banks’ subdebt ratings in Korea
*Moody’s announces reviews for downgrade of eight banks’ subdebt ratings in Australia

Who should it affect ?

Credit sensitive folks. Rating sensitive funds etc.

Bad Timing ?


Indo and Philippines quite badly hit last week as the offshore pull outs hit.
HY Asian names saw some heavy selling for prices down 1-4 cts. Most sellers are hedge funds, traders and private banks. Even Investment Grade corporates quite ugly with yields up 0.25-0.45% as market remains on the edge and sellers outnumbered buyers.

Price Table.

DBS Bank Ltd 3.1 14-Feb-23 101.875 102.4
DBS Bank Ltd 3.3 21-Feb-22 102.35 102.95
DBS Bank Ltd (RETAIL) 4.7 PERP 104.75 N/A
DBS Bank Ltd 4.7 PERP 104.5 105.2
DBS Capital Funding II Corp 5.75 PERP 108.125 109.05
DBS Bank Ltd 4.47 15-Jul-21 106 106
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp Ltd 4 PERP 100.5 101.43
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp Ltd 5.6 27-Mar-19 103.375 103.375
OCBC Capital Corp 2008 5.1 PERP 104.5 104.5
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp Ltd 5.1 PERP 101.5 101.5
United Overseas Bank Ltd 3.15 11-Jul-22 102.375 102.75
United Overseas Bank Ltd 3.45 1-Apr-21 102.7935 103.46
United Overseas Bank Ltd 5.05 PERP 101.75 101.75
United Overseas Bank Ltd 4.1 3-Sep-19 102.75 102.625

Prices holding up. Changes mainly due to interest rate difference and a minor widening of spreads and OCBC 5.1% sub debt is trading at a negative yield to call at 101.50.