Mothers Day, Mother Earth

Spare a thought for Mother Earth this Mothers Day. -

It is not just the Dow that hit a historic milestone this weekend. On May 4th, global carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere hit a 4 million year high, levels that were prevalent in the volcanic Pliocene epoch.

Meanwhile I am hearing more Lamborghinis revving down the road in late nights these days, the unmistakable harsh sounding vrooms of their pitbull engines unlike the mellower Ferraris. Nice going !

As we feel sorry for the 1,100 Bangladeshis who have given up their lives for our t shirts, Syrians being massacred daily and Tibetans who are being wiped out, we continue to chase the intrinsic value in cloud technology, social networking, electric cars and new phones.

Bernanke knows it, that he has created the biggest plutonomy in the history of humanity and will blow out GINI ratios to social breakdown pretty soon.

The rising tide hasn’t lifted all boats. “Gains in household net worth have been concentrated among wealthier households, while many households in the middle or lower parts of the distribution have experienced declines in wealth since the crisis. Moreover, many homeowners remain ‘underwater,’ with their homes worth less than the principal balances on their mortgages. Thus, more detailed information clarifies that many households remain more financially fragile than might be inferred from the aggregate statistics alone.” Businessweek.

Central banks around the world have cut interest rates 511 times since Jun 2007 with BOJ leading the charge for 2013.

UK London home sales has been driven by more than 50% foreign buying according to Jones Lang Lasalle.

Meanwhile Bill Gross concedes that the “bond bull market has ended but bear market hasn’t begun”.

It’s been a crazy week for the market but I stopped to take stock after reading this offbeat article with a headline that caught my attention and which I would like to share with everyone this weekend.

Forget Buffett, this investor made me rich for life

A year ago on Mothers Day, I stepped off the plane from Tibet with my late mother’s ashes. Mothers Day with never be the same for me again.

A friend of hers sent me an email from India just 2 days ago. She had written a testimonial she wanted to share with me.

“Alice Sim- The  Angel

I felt as if I had come home. A reassuring sense of peace enveloped me as I reached Alice Sims homely clinic one year back. Despite some reservations I had decided to see Alice after speaking to some friends of mine who were undergoing treatment with her. I took a deep breath as I waited for my turn to meet Alice. The largest home aquarium I had ever seen took my mind away briefly from the pain in my back. I looked in awe at the array of  gorgeous multicolored fish in the aquarium gliding around smoothly like butterflies. Photographs of Lord Shiva hung on the wall.  I came to know later that she was a devotee of Shiva and it was her dream to go to Mt Kailash someday. An elderly lady, one of Alice’s many patients and admirers energetically bustled around the tiny room . “Alice saved my life. She is like a mother to me.” she softly whispered into my ears and broke into a youthful grin.  In one corner was a small modest clipping about a  man who was smiling, walking and holding Alice’s hand after treatment with her. Prior to that, He had suffered a brutal accident and had lived a life confined on wheel chair.

 Alice sensed the discomfort in my lower back without asking any questions. She knew the core or the root cause of my issues and told me to work on them. And then she healed me with her touch therapy. I felt a new life in my being and cells as she restored the flow of chi or energy in parts that had blockages. I felt so grateful to her after the first session that I was overwhelmed with much gratitude in my heart, tears streaming down my face. She simply used Love to channel and remove all blockages.

 I was just one person. Alice had been a channel for helping  numerous other people for the last thirty years with her intuitive  touch and powerful healing practice. Moreover, She had a heart of gold distributing  free food and herbal medicine to the needy, healing and counselling the elderly and disabled.  She did so much more – more that i could possibly know in my capacity. She was loved by all who know her and whom she had touched with her acts of kindness. She lived with a earnest wish that humanity be healed and everyone should live a active energetic and purposeful life. At 60 she herself was one of the most active and purposeful human beings I knew. My brief time interacting with her, She was like a angel teaching me a important lesson – the only way to live is selfless with pure zest, love and compassion for life. I feel such love and peace radiating from her soul as she embarks on her divine journey. She lives on in our hearts.


My reaction was one of awe. A child always takes their mother for granted in a certain way. Just like my little man today as we do the last minute cram for the exams next week because any additional revision would have been wasted on his attention deficit amnesia, in my opinion.

We go back to the markets tomorrow. Good luck and do the right thing that would make our mothers proud.