Suicidal Markets and The Death of Innovation

I just heard that someone jumped off the Sail earlier today and that it could be a gold trader.

It is a tragedy if it is true but not the first time for bankers here. Someone drank antifreeze or bleach in a hotel room just a few years back during the financial crisis.

Whilst we do not know the reason for her action at the moment, we should perhaps just reflect on our intended purpose on this earth.

God knows I would be close to suicide many times with the frustrations that I deal with. But I end up learning powerful lessons, the latest being that plain-looking/unattractive people may not have a beautiful heart !

That aside.

I was reading some interesting tweets on Twitter the other day and a particular one struck me as rather portentous.

A young man was lamenting that the best brains of his generation are all devoted to the venture of maximising web clicks and being paid exorbitant sums to do so.

I asked myself, if brain powers are deployed to such ends, I suppose there must be less allocated to innovations that are beneficial to humankind.

But we cannot blame them.

This is a golden age indeed with the world never having as many graduates and brain power, all seeking the same level of success that their forebears enjoyed.

This article was sent to me by Retired Trader earlier which echoes the woes of many young Singaporeans I speak to. Singaporeans who are earnest and willing but who may change once they have tasted success.

It’s hell being posh but poor: Petronella Wyatt has sold her pearls and given up dining at the Ritz in Chanel suits because, like her friends in the ‘Broke Generation’, she says you just can’t live on six-figures : Source Daily Mail

All I know is this.

I always wondered why bankers made so much money although I was not anywhere near the highest paid ones. And yet, it is the engineers and architects that build the buildings (that could collapse) and doctors who have to save lives and pilots who fly the planes and scientists who have to discover the bird-flu vaccine.

The new world order is the IT geeks who will rule.

Goldman Traders Cede Tokyo Party Bar to Google-Apple Invasion

What a strange world we live in now.

Who wants to be a banker these days ?

Just look at the change in prices below ? Might as well be on the frontlines in Afghanistan or Syria.


God rest her soul !