Dumb Way To Die – Forbidden Grapes !

First, I do not recall the Bible mentioning grapes as the forbidden fruit. The excitement of receiving 2 grapes from a restaurant manager from their vine was enough.

poison grape

What resulted after a leisurely session at the golf range yesterday, followed by refreshments and grape tasting was a close shave with death.

grape poisoning

Poisoned !


I should have realised that even the birds gave the innocuous looking bunch a wide berth over the months that I have watched them mature on the vine.

The thoughts that sped through my head as my throat burned were, oddly, ones of fear of the insurance company !! GE.

I called my friends to witness that it was not suicide and found my alibi for day I was presented the grapes. Yet, I was worried that the insurance company would shirk their way out of settlement again, like in the case of my mother, that the death was not gory or bloody enough to constitute an accident.

New thoughts on my new universal life policy from AIA and feeling immense relief it was not a GE policy again. Good old Americans !

Yet, what a way to go ? Worrying over the integrity of an insurance company in Singapore, a land of little recourse or restitution for the little man on the street.

God Bless Your Weekend !