Tradehaven – Girl Interrupted

Most of my friends are aware that I have decided to take a break from work. It is definitely uncommon amongst people in my trade to give up the paycheck and future bonuses until the fat lady sings, i.e. either with a heart attack on the desk or marching orders for retrenchment.

I thought that way too, being the Singaporean that I am. And, admittedly, it is a darn lot harder these days for a young Singaporean to get that trading role. Until some are willing to turn monsters to get there. I know, I worked with one before.

The trouble is that I always saw myself as the accidental tourist on the trading floor. Lord knows why people read what I write when I had never heard of Goldman Sachs until that day, 16 years ago, I stepped into the dealing room. So the tourist became a feature, then a fossil over time. Fashioned a nice boat, hit a few milestones and then cruised along. Learnt a thing or two about trading bonds, rates and stuff, learnt a lot more about human nature and then, learnt more about bonds, rates and stuff through understanding human nature. A sort of half way point to Nirvana, I suppose.

So I knew I had to break the routine for a bit, switch the pace and decipher this life thing out.

Immediate goals will be to focus on the blog and the website to come, just to keep myself and my over fertile mind occupied, and perhaps launch an investor club in the future.

It is an intimidating prospect indeed, a self imposed isolation with just the company whatever friends that are left, going with the flow of the wind and tide till I land on the next shore, with a naughty 12 year old in tow.

I found the most rebel song I could think of from the 90’s.

To Infinity and Beyond !

And more posts to come !!!!