Spring Breaks …. The Market ?

Spring or Vernal Equinox starts on 20th March and its cherry blossoms and daffodils

English: Daffodil field in South East CornwallEnglish: Daffodil field in South East Cornwall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dialastrategist is going off to Cornwall to do a spot of painting and I have extracted a potential yellow Van Gogh inspiration for her.

Metaphysics practitioners, astrologers are calling for a highly emotional and intense time, cumulating to a crisis point.

Pair Spring Equinox off with a horror of a Monster Moon to be expected on the 27th.

“a monster moon is a full moon that occurs with a number of planets all being at hard angles to each other, thus causing cosmic ripples that will pretty much have an impact on most or all of us due to the sheer size of it.”

Spring this year is not about the Spring Break or the Spring Awakening or Spring Flowers. It is SPRING CLEAN and SPRING A SURPRISE. And I am not psychic, so please do not quote me and I do not subscribe to astrology as well.

Time to spring clean the portfolio and steer away from danger lurking. Challenge the norm and question the status quo. Spring clean the cobwebs from the mind because surprises are waiting to spring.

If I have not been cryptic enough, happy first day of Spring to you all.