Starting A Chinese New Year Part 2 – A Ruined Foreign Bully Talent Day

It is perhaps the western culture to pick a fight on the 2nd day of CNY and this is the country we have become.

I know Singaporeans are becoming the minority in Holland Road because if you go to Cold Storage Jelita, most of the locals are the service staff which is fine with me until I get harassed on the roads too.

This is a serious problem. First it was the cyclists a few months back and today, a Porsche (Boxster only, driven by a caucasian, perhaps Singaporean but with strong American accent). It was only later after I drove off that I realise, I have met this man, let’s call him Andrew, before and he just bought himself into SICC a few months back together with a really f-ugly asian wife.

How did Singapore come to this ?And this guy acts like he has lived in Bukit Timah all his life when I know he made quite a buck from his HUDC home en bloc somewhere in the east.

The Incident

Just driving leisurely in the centre lane when I get honked because this little Boxster wants to pass which it did. Its driver obviously not very used to driving a sports car because after he passed me, he was still taking up quite a bit of the centre lane and I figured it was just an old kwei loh with poor judgment.

Pulling up at the light at Holland Village, he was unhappy that I came up in the centre lane and pulled my car up further than his at the light and he edged forward and started making hand gestures at me. I wound down my window and asked him what was his problem. His little tanned kid was staring at me when he said he did not like the unfriendly look that I gave him which, errhhh, I do not even recall making any facial contact.

So I asked, if I, a Singaporean, HAVE TO SMILE AT EVERY FOREIGNER HERE ? As if I am service staff ? Because they are used to it ?

Is that the expectation of every Singaporean living on Holland Road ? Even if they have lived there much longer than the foreign who-body ?

Golly, now I am enraged.

6.9 million ?

He can’t even go home because he does not belong there. So he goes up and down Holland Road giving way only to Ferraris and Porsche Carreras and honking at BMW’s ?

Someone tells me there is this Hong Lim Park thing on the 16th. Wish I could go now but I will be hunting this let’s call him Andrew, who just moved to Bukit Timah and thinks being American is darn good but choose not to marry one, down.

Disclaimer : This post is not meant to be seditious to the remarkable foreign talent policy here. I hereby voice my support for the 6. 9 million population target and wish Singapore all the best in its prosperous and glowing future.