Singapore Taxi Drivers’ Anger Index – 6.9 million reasons

The index is flashing red.

And its the 6.9 million talk that appears to be pissing this taxi driver off. And I seriously do not see too much fuss because I do not think he or I, for that matter, will be around then when we cannot see the sky anymore until we tilt our heads up 90 degrees.

Someone gave me interesting math the other day.

The Real reason for Singapore’s population growth to 6.9mil people in 2030
Since the population will grow from 5,300,000 to 6,900,000 from 2013 until 2030 ( 18 years )
6,900,000 minus 5,300,000 = 1,600,000
Divide it by 18 years and see what you get !


Then I got to thinking whether staying in small apartments will be bad for our eye sights, staring at closed walls. Short sighted lives we will be leading then.

And what about caged minds ? Will our ability to think be confined by small living quarters ? [ a worthy project for a thesis ]

Hopefully by then, it would be 6.9 million minus me.