Out Of This World : Daily Doses of Insanity

These posts will serve me, primarily, as my archive of daily musings I mete out to my chatrooms because some of the headlines are just too fantastic to forget.
Warning : Will also include boring market news.

Disclaimer : No malice intended in any of the comments and not intended to influence or sway any public opinion on the issues published nor meant to represent the author’s personal view on the matter discussed.

* North America Fx Vol -19% Oct12 over Oct 12;  UK -7%; Canada -14.4%
>> What about Central banks and SWF Fx volumes ? ?? +250% ??

* NYC House Prices weakest in US because Wall Street bonuses collapsed.

* Italy : Monte Paschi Aid IS NOT BAILOUT ! The new word now is called AID. source : Zerohedge

* Another Muddy Waters type firm Glaucus Research Group attacks CHINA METAL RECYCLING shares. Source : Forbes

* Bernanke Seen Buying $1.14 Trillion in Assets by Early 2014. Source : Bloomberg

*  Is Population Growth A Ponzi Scheme ? Source : http://www.theglobalist.com/STORYID.ASPX?sTORYiD=8321

* Zimbabwean Finance Minister Says the Country Has Just $217 In The Bank
>> Another Bailout Please, Germany …. Call Draghi !!!

*  Jan. 30 (Bloomberg) — Singapore central bank Managing Director Ravi Menon gives speech in city state.
>>Incremental benefits of further monetary easing in advanced economies are decreasing while potential risks are increasing: Menon
>>Central banks must look forward to ensure smooth transition back to normalcy: Menon
>>Multipronged policy response needed in emerging Asia to ensure inflation pressures remain contained given capital flows from advanced economies: Menon
>> Emerging Asia’s most important needs are boosting domestic demand, deepening and broadening financial markets, and increasing productivity: Menon
>>In Japan, “the effects of further monetary easing are not expected to be decisive nor is it clear how much fiscal stimulus will lift the economy on a sustained basis”: Menon

CONCLUSION : I think they dont have the guts.

* Australia’s PM Gillard Says Govt Cant Control A$ Strength, A$ a victim of Global Economy and Foreign Invt. Source : DowJones FX
> They are giving up the Currency War.

* Foreign Talents Everywhere And Not Just Singapore :

‘I feel like a stranger where I live’

> Now I really do not feel that bad because the following could happen in Singapore.


> What is the point even if you are a millionaire ? When houses will cost a billion by then ? But that is South Korea ! What about the North ???

*  North Korean parents ‘eat their children’ after being driven mad by hunger in famine-hit pariah state

* But no one has time to think about North Korea when the all new Reliance Perpetual is 95.50/96.50 now as I type. My heart goes out to you.