Daily Ironies – It’s Friday

It’s Friday and time to take stock, everything happening around the markets and everything else that is not.

I spent a few days, earlier this week, at home in self imposed regiment to experience what life would be like if I stopped work. I must say it was an exceedingly liberating time for me with none of the work encumbrances that I have come to loath with increasing intensity these days.

The routine is the same. With the Bloomberg terminal on, flashing headlines, charts and chats with friends and associates.

With less time for noise, there is more time to immerse yourself in the news that make investors tick. For I have come to realise that not everyone comes from a trading environment and the endless bombardment of your senses and nerves in a number crunching, info digesting frenzy. Life is not about reading and hearing then reacting all the time. Sometimes, it pays to do nothing !

My mind transcended into a newfound tranquility that challenged my perception of world events and exposed the great irony in which we live in. Thus I will be sharing these interesting finds here, hopefully daily, of the warped, weird and wonderful world in which we live in where orang utans read Jane Austen , celebrating World Toilet Day on 19 Nov and Singaporeans can’t cry.

Here goes….

China’s aircraft carrier landing seems like a doomed affair

“China’s government has paid tribute to a senior engineer on its aircraft carrier programme who died of a heart attack after witnessing the first landing of a plane on the ship.”

The Epic Struggle Between the Sensex and SHCOMP

29-Nov-12 Reuters Sensex near 19-month high, surges over 300 points
29-Nov-12 Reuters China stocks hit its lowest level in four years

Myanmar or Mongolia – The Next Afghanistan ?

29-Nov-12 WSJ Mongolia on Borrowing Binge
11-Nov-12 WSJ Myanmar open for business, but only 26% of population has electricity, per capita GDP on par with Haiti
2-Nov-12 Reuters World Bank earmarks $245 million for Myanmar, outlines work plan
27-Nov-12 Telegraph Kabul Bank ‘diverted £540 million to group of 12 in massive fraud
30-Nov-12 AlJazeera Kabul Bank reportedly funneled $900mio into pockets of Afghan elite.

KFC – China Poisoning Japan ?

27-Nov-12 Xinhua KFC’s China supplier denies toxic chicken claims
29-Nov-12 JAPAN NEWS DAILY Japan Airlines is rolling out KFC meals on flights from Tokyo to the U.S. & Europe.

April Fool’s In November For Chinese Newspaper Boo Boo

27-Nov-12 Slate China’s state paper republishes Onion article declaring Kim Jong-Un the ‘sexiest man alive’ including 55-photo spread

Rushing to Buy China ? Think Again

15-Nov-12 WSJ Chinese willing to pay more for made in US goods

To Bonds Or Not To Bonds

10-Nov-12 FT Bond fund inflows crosses $400bn mark
16-Nov-12 $600m Snoopy bonds anything but Peanuts http://on.ft.com/100my2J
26-Nov-12 FT Amazon raising USD 3 bio in its first debt offering in more more than a decade
30-Nov-12 China News Daily Air China, Agricultural Bank, Sahndong Luxin: China Bond Alert
30-Nov-12 Bloomberg Belize Rejects Restructuring Offer on $544 million Superbond
30-Nov-12 Bloomberg Investors Unprepared For Bond Danger, Blackrock Rosenberg Says
27-Nov-12 Marketwatch Stocks dead, bonds deader till 2022: Pimco
28-Nov-12 CME Group Is Corporate Debt the Next Asset Bubble?

Why Are The Kids Killing Themselves in Canada  Too ?

30-Nov-12 The Guardian
30-Nov-12 GLOBEANDMAIL When 30 youths contemplate mass suicide, it’s time to act

Global Warming

15-Nov-12 DerSpiegel Fish Tales: Anglers Pull in Tropical Fish from the Frigid Baltic

Just Plain Trivia

28-Nov-12 The Economist At least 19 countries mark World Toilet Day on November 19th, but the United Nations does not
28-Nov-12 Business Insider Researchers Are Making A Nasal Spray To Help Women Orgasm

There is so much more …. including the elephant who can speak Korean (presumably to sing Gangnam style ?)

I will leave you with this hiliarious pictures (illegally posted).

(look at the background !!)