Why Are Singaporeans Sad ? They Are Not Rich Enough !

I wrote this in August. Singaporeans Are Not The Richest In The World – Toyota Says So !

Singaporeans are one of the richest in the world with the highest population density of millionaires.

So much for surveys and now we have a new one.

The price of happiness by Skandia International.

How much do you need to be happy in each country. And money is important because the report shows that 80% of people believe that money can bring them happiness.

Singapore is NUMBER 2 (and ahead of Hong Kong) !!! Again… top 10 in everything.

The Magic Number is US$227,563 for Singapore with US $2.9 million in disposable assets !!! Read more here.

Now back to reality, Singaporeans.

What is our income per capita again ? US $56,000 at the moment.

It means there are a lot of unhappy people out there in the streets.

Not to worry. According to Citibank, by 2050, the income per capita will be US $137, 710.

Still not enough to make every Singaporean happy.

And a warning ….. Being Sad Influences Financial Decisions : Huffington Post.
So please don’t hang on to the worries of Olam International in your stock portfolio or bitch about missing out on the next condo launch.

Alternatives Are Out There

Before you starting blaming the government again. You could consider a wealth arbitrage by moving to say, Germany, where US $85,781 is all that is necessary to be happy or even Hong Kong where 86.4% of the people surveyed considered themselves financially secure.

The South China Morning Post has some advice for Hong Kong folks which could be applied to Singaporeans. link. I agree totally.

A Final Word

I am such a condescending prick ! By all definitions above, I should be in the darn happy camp yet I know so many people up and above me in this so called happy ladder who are unhappier than me.

It is disheartening that Singapore is doing so well by all comparisons too. Most people have it so good here in this little safe haven we call home.

I think I am just looking for an excuse to migrate.