Straw poll – turning 46, good time to quit?

I think about my future most when I am behind my wheels. Of the different encounters you get on the road – traffic jams, Singaporean drivers, radio news, trivials and songs, the pedestrians, rain on the windscreen, morning sun in the eyes and so on, the traffic jams jolts me down the memory lane. It reminds me of my job – a job that I’ve been in for more than 20 years. I’m in a jam and I wonder if it’s my fault or it’s others fault or it’s the government’s fault or my company’s fault that I’m caught in this jam. Rather than finding faults, I started thinking about solutions.

1. Change route

2. Change time

3. Take public transport

4. Take a break at the service station

5. Quit

Trust me – over the past two years, I worked very hard at exploring Options 1, 2 and 3. Which means I’ve been checking out head hunters and prospective employers. But I came to nothing. I figured that being an MD, these are not easy options to pursue.

Hence, in the last one year, I decided to think seriously about Options 4 and 5. I also started reminiscing the sweet old days when I think hard before I buy an expensive pair of shoes or go on a holiday. Money means a lot more back then but I was happier. Money means less now and I feel I am less happy.

So let’s run a poll here:

1. Are money and happiness actually inversely correlated?

2. Should one look at a career switch at age 46?