Saved By The Silvery Moon


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But No Amount of Silver can save this poor giraffe who died in an Indonesian zoo with 40 lbs of plastic in his stomach. No obituaries for the poor Sumatran tiger, African lion, wallaby and, bless me, a Komodo Dragon, who have met their demise in Surabaya, Central Java.

Many times we do not know much about the countries that we invest in other than their economic numbers.

Many times we buy because the charts say so and its too hard to read lengthy economic diatribes.

I am fortunate to be still SHORT in EUR/USD, short EM and the works because I was saved by Silver and Gold last night. Silver cannot be 32.22 when EUR/USD is 1.3070.

I do not know what sort of world we live in, with countries and now, zoos pleading for cash. Go Bernanke. Save them too !

What is laughable about this situation is that you can print all the money you want, but it cannot be eaten.

“FED Dudley told a crowd, about a year ago, concerned about Food price inflation that other prices were offsetting it – eg. IPAD had gone on sale with TWICE the computing power of one introduced a year earlier at the SAME PRICE.” Source :  WSJ