Trading The Solar Storm Tonight – This is why I am depressed !

Yes. It’s the largest in 5 years, since the last one erupted into Bear Sterns and then Lehman Brothers. NASA says it could give us “a bit of a jolt” but it is far from a super solar storm.

We are in a period of “solar max” ie. maximum solar activity. And it is coinciding with an unprecedented period of market intervention.

Solar proton events produce satellite disorientation, spacecraft electronics damage, spacecraft solar panel degradation, extreme radiation hazard to astronauts, launch payload failure, high altitude aircraft radiation, shortwave radio fades and disruption in polar regions, ozone layer depletion, cardiac arrest, dementia and cancer.

Source :

“….the histories of 72 countries in that period, noting signs of human unrest such as wars, revolutions, riots, expeditions and migrations, plus the number of humans involved. Tchijevsky found that fully 80% of the most significant events occurred during the years of maximum sunspot activity. He maintained that the “exciting” period may be explained by an acute change in the nervous and psychic character of humanity, which takes place at sunspot maxima.”

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That is why I am depressed !!

The closest thing we have to war is Iran right now. Syria does not count.

This is confronting news indeed and to think that I spent the past 3 years trying to convince my still unconvinced son of 11 that 2012 will not happen. But it still does not make me a believer.

Yet the market activity in the past 2 weeks have succeeded in confounding me to that conclusion as I type right now.

I am not all doomsday but I firmly believe that life on Earth has just got tougher with the events of the past month and will get increasingly so as nations continue to pass the buck around.

Signs of reality are hidden from our eyes. Signs like these [Asia’s Perilous Inequality  which is written by an ex colleague who probably does not remember me but can be safely ranked as one of the better looking economists around, and this one, [In Athens, Austerity’s Ugliness

What I can foresee as a major risk going ahead is a massive loss of confidence in the system. When that happens, who knows what the consequences will be when hyperinflation hits.

The trigger could likely come from a poor Non Farm Payroll number tomorrow night although it is almost a foregone conclusion that the number will exceed expectations and we know that there is a Presidential election ahead.

Solar activity is an unlikely factor any investor would consider in their trades but it should be noted that with regret, I am closing out that EUR short because I am, too, affected by the solar flares and doing something insane today.