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Trading Thoughts : Get That Monkey Off My Back


Another year and another Chinese Lunar New Year approaches, an event to be celebrated by at least 1.4 billion people in the world, including ethnic Chinese, as they prepare to enter a new… Continue reading

Bonds In Conversation : Oily Deflation Means The Best Assets In Life Aren’t Free


Markets are reeling from the OPEC decision which was already known a week ago but nonetheless still a confrontation of OPEC versus BoJ and the ECB. DEFLATION vs INFLATION And a wonderful solution… Continue reading

The Oil Story : To 2020 and Beyond


Lucky me. Instead of reading through volumes of oil reports, I got an invitation to a presentation by the experts from Norway, who talked me through the entire story complete with numbers and… Continue reading

FX Thoughts : FOMC Halloween Edition


An action packed weekend with the Eurozone banks audit all sorted with minimal fuss after a year of suspense and Brazil elections done and over with. It was overall, a boring week with… Continue reading

Commodities Make The World Go Round – Time To Be Greedy


I think it is time when everyone is running S*** scared. When crude gets smashed, we should be sitting up and not hiding. Retail players cannot get too serious about commodities in their… Continue reading

HOLI HOGS, COFFEE, CATTLE AND BEANS – Commodity Crunch In Spring