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Bonds In Conversation : Pulling Out All The Stops And The Aftershocks


Yes. It is the 40th anniversary of Jaws, the movie. It been a week of dropping JAWS for sure, staring aghast at the Chinese stock meltdown and the subsequent breathtaking rally that surely… Continue reading

FX Nostalgia Edition : Lest We Forget The 7 Year Itch


Each April harkens back the final days of Bear Sterns back in 2008 when the company finally crumbled and succumbed to a forced sale, negotiated by the Federal Reserve, to JP Morgan at… Continue reading

Market Thoughts – Are You America’s Friend or Foe ? USD is Not Cool.


Scrolling through my email’s In Box, I am stumped by the number of synonyms of the words STUMPED and STYMIED in the various titles of fx market commentaries, analyses and reports I have… Continue reading

Oh Ye Serpent, Thy Venom Doth Sting – CNY, MYR, PHP


In the first 3 weeks of 2014 and the end of the lunar year of the Snake, over 80% of the 162 currency pairs in the world have lost out against the USD.… Continue reading

The Mystery of the Muddled Markets – Market Thoughts


If you are feeling confused, lost, disoriented, bewildered, fatigued and the like, rest assured that you are not alone. It is real and happening. The markets are muddled. If you are feeling comfortable… Continue reading

Market Sinkholes – Trade EUR and GBP for Reprieve Before Resignation