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Move Over Banks, We Have the A New Singularity in Our Lives – Too Big To Fail Tech


Bleary eyed from World Cup matches which are the best distraction for the madness in the markets that is behaving like soccer hooligans are in the driver’s seat, the trade war can wait… Continue reading

The Question of Our Privacies, Facebook or Tencent ?


It would have been just perfect, on hindsight, to have taken that Easter break in the past week, to go sweep the ancestral tombs and spend the rest of the time off-line instead… Continue reading

E-Transitions In Our Lives – K-Pop, Sex Dolls and Empty Malls


Source : Wallpaper.Wiki     Our lives are in e-transtition as we switch to online grocery shopping, watching movies from our iPads Beggars are taking mobile payments as our favourite malls lie empty… Continue reading