Trading Thoughts : Get That Monkey Off My Back


Another year and another Chinese Lunar New Year approaches, an event to be celebrated by at least 1.4 billion people in the world, including ethnic Chinese, as they prepare to enter a new… Continue reading

Ad Hoc Commentary – China is overreacting to Soros, should shed light on currency policy instead


“Lee has a toy factory. He sells his toys in equal volumes to Jacques and Joe. One day, Jacques committed suicide, and Lee soon lost 50% of his export market. Lee soon ran… Continue reading

Beware Soros Is Maxing Out ! – S&P 500 Shorts


George Soros’ biggest holdings these days, 13% of his fund to be exact, is a bearish put option on the S&P 500. Read it here. http://blogs.marketwatch.com/thetell/2013/08/15/soross-biggest-holding-a-bearish-call-on-the-sp-500/ Ok. The man is not a saint… Continue reading

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