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Singapore Market Buzz And Update


Another little research firm has published a scathing report on Nobel, comparing it to Enron. https://icebergresearch.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/report-1-associates-and-agri-15022015.pdf The stock price is down almost 8% on the day. *************** In conjunction with another article on… Continue reading

Bonds In Conversation : Paying The Price For Another’s Mistakes


A lesson to be learnt in the massive traffic jam on the Singapore side of the Johor causeway – what a wonderful position to be in for others to pay the price for… Continue reading

NEW UOB SGD TIER 1 : Join The Party


UOB SGD TIER 1 – Benchmark SGD Perp-nc-6 BASEL III-compliant T1 issue with reset at the first call date and every 5-years thereafter – Initial Price Guidance: 4.90% area – Size: benchmark COMPS… Continue reading