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SGD New Issue Review : Viva ITrust 4Y 4.5%


NEW ISSUE: VIVA ITRUST MTN PTE. LTD. 4-YR ISSUE – IPG 4.5% AREA** ISSUER:  Viva iTrust MTN Pte. Ltd. GUARANTOR: The Trust Company (Asia) Limited (in its capacity as                trustee of Viva Industrial… Continue reading

Bonds In Conversation : Missing Something In The Bernama Triangle


“There is no real precedent for a case like this. The plane vanished,” Malaysia’s Transport Minister BUT THERE IS …. THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE ! It is no big deal really, to make a… Continue reading

Bonds In Conversation : Paying The Price For Another’s Mistakes


A lesson to be learnt in the massive traffic jam on the Singapore side of the Johor causeway – what a wonderful position to be in for others to pay the price for… Continue reading