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Australia : Elections and RBA


RBA today and elections on Sunday. Sept. 2 (Bloomberg) — The Reserve Bank of Australia will cut interest rates within 100 days of the Sept. 7 election, credit markets show, a boost for… Continue reading

Backing Down on The SGD – MAS Inflation Outlook


I wrote Trading Against A Black Box – USDSGD last year. MAS published Monetary Policy Operations In Singapore back in March this year in an effort to explain themselves to the public and… Continue reading

Bonds In Conversation : Tapering The Taper For Old Times Sake


We are ending the week well with headlines suggesting the tapering of the Taper as the commonly accepted interpretation of the FOMC minutes last night. All I know is that the taper is… Continue reading

Anti Instinct Trading In Taper On And Taper Off (updated)


Journalists and analysts all writing to save their lives. Reports swinging wildly between Taper and Taper Not after the FOMC minutes depending on where the Dow was. RATES: Treasuries Fall After FOMC Minutes;… Continue reading

Central Bank Mafia – Fed, ECB, BoJ Battle of the Balance Sheets


I believe we have a new pecking order for central banks. DON Bernanke. Hitman Abe. And Cheerleader Draghi. Now the racket has been exposed. It is the game of beggar thy neighbour and… Continue reading

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