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Just read that JPM recommend a cut loss on their Long SHCOMP trade. “Our note (Shanghai, Trading Buy) from 24th July flagged 1980 as an important level to defend and also a stop… Continue reading

What is Happening In Global Flows


US Treasuries and USD “Custody holdings are falling at the Fed and, while the impact is not so clear for the USD, it’s negative treasuries….the securities held in custody for foreign official and… Continue reading

Consequences That Make Your Blood Boil


I was having a conversation with my son about Lance Armstrong who was quoted as saying that no one can win the Tour De France without doping. Then it struck me, now that… Continue reading

Creating Value And Closing The Gap


Wealth creation is an amazing thing which I have been thinking about recently, after being courted to join the Nuskin network. It is entirely possible to create value in anything and everything and… Continue reading

Macro Views & Flows : Still Uncertain, No Clear Trend


Interest rates From the people who spend their entire day just looking at 1 product. “Keep an eye on the bid/covers of US auctions for a guide to where yields are heading.  Recently… Continue reading

Backing Down on The SGD – MAS Inflation Outlook


I wrote Trading Against A Black Box – USDSGD last year. MAS published Monetary Policy Operations In Singapore back in March this year in an effort to explain themselves to the public and… Continue reading

To Diversify or Not ? Investing Strategy by Zico


I love big words. But I have a problem remembering them. What Aggregate Asset Allocation ? What Risk Parity Portfolios ? My brain goes into a whirl and of course, the first reaction… Continue reading

Ad Hoc Commentary – last sucker rally for the goldbugs, stay away from equities till German elections


Gold did well overnight, so did the JPY. It seems that after years of USD weakness, some still cannot accept that the USD will be king in the next two years. What we… Continue reading

FX Thoughts : The Slow Boil Death

by Uncanny that I was sent this SouthPark video, The Importance Of Saving Money, by Retired Trader and chanced upon, almost instantaneously on a WSJ article No Trends, No Friends for FX Funds –… Continue reading

What is Happening In Global Flows ?


It’s a new week and I am struggling to make sense of what is going on. EM Outflow Trend Continues “We continue to see consistent outflows in EM Bond funds. EM bond funds… Continue reading